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A pinch of pepper, a slice of history!

Pepper, though not as old as time itself, is surely a symbol of antiquity. Unknown to many, it was also a symbol of economic and political power in the early middle ages. ‘Black Gold’, as it was known, was such a precious commodity, that it served as both collateral and currency in the trade of the times. Its value becomes clear when 3000 pounds of it was demanded as ransom during the seige of Rome by the Visigoths in the 5th century.

No doubt this most ancient of spices deserves a history book all on its own. The aggressive and obsessive quest for this unassuming spice has led to the discovery of new lands, cultures and trade routes, setting the course of history itself.

The mighty peppercorn can teach us the essential lesson of value addition: be it to our food or to our life! The pepper-laden plantations of Coorg will open a treasure chest of history and initiate an elemental bonding with this old spice. In these days of mass-produced condiments, it takes some effort (and luck) to seek out the origin of your spice. And when you do, rest assured it is bound to add a new ‘flavor’ to your life.

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