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Slow Food

In the time of fast food and convenience cooking, how refreshing it is to witness a household ritual that is not seen as a grind – a meal preparation that is slower, richer and arguably healthier. It is a reminder of a time when life was simpler and leisure was the natural and restorative pause between the notes of hurried activity in people’s lives.

In Kabini, a Kuruba couple is setting about preparing their evening meal. Slow and intense, it is a daily activity that is an integral part of life in this region. Here, he hand-mills the flour while she cuts a papaya. When finally cooked over a slow wood fire, it will serve up a wholesome platter, full of flavor and goodness, for their family. It is also exceedingly nourishing in that the grains, vegetables and fruits in their food are fresh off the farm… unrefined… unprocessed.

Perhaps it is time to include a little ‘grind’ to our daily cooking routines. It could serve to slow us down for the better, while adding a dash of good taste and well-being to our lives.

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